A new route for the GF San Remo–San Remo “La Classicissima”

The route of the Ligurian challenge, which is nearly 120 kilometers long, going up to an altitude of about 2400 meters, has been changed. The last 30 kilometers will mirror the final of the Milan – San Remo professionals, with an uphill finish on the Poggio di Sanremo.

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23 December, 2015, San Remo (Im) – The second edition of the Granfondo San Remo–San Remo “Classicissima” will take place on Sunday, 20 March, on a route that is new with respect to that of 2015.

The first part of the route will remain unchanged, with the participants, after the start on the Calvino seafront in San Remo, heading towards Imperia, to begin the climb to Colle San Bartolomeo.

After reaching the top of the hill, at the 50th kilometer of the race, the cyclists will take on the descent towards Chiusavecchia, following alongside the Impero river to Sarola. Then they will turn left towards Gazzelli, and once again cover the first 7 kilometers of the ascent towards Colle San Bartolomeo. However before reaching Cesium, the route turns left, leading on to the SS28 that takes you back in the direction of Imperia.
The Granfondo San Remo-San Remo “la Classicissima” from this point will follow the last part of the Milan – San Remo professional race, which will be held the day before: in San Lorenzo al Mare the cyclists will take the fork for Costarainera, conquering the legendary “Cipressa” with a 5 km climb, then head down again towards the coast, following the Aurelia until they get to Arma di Taggia.

Just before reaching San Remo the route follows the road towards the Poggia di San Remo: at the end of the 3.2 kilometer climb, the granfondisti will arrive at the finish line, after traveling a total of 119.5 km, along which they will have achieved an altitude of about 2400 meters.
After the arrival, participants will be able to return to San Remo in complete peace, following the panoramic descent of the Poggio, and enjoying the fantastic scenery of the Riviera of Flowers.

The layout and altimetry of the race route are available in the relevant section on the event’s website.
Registration for the San Remo-San Remo “la Classicissima” is open, as described on this page, at a cost of 30 euros; this price is valid until 28 February. After that you can register online until 16 March, at a cost of 40 euros. On the days of Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March it will be possible to register with the secretary at the location of the event, at the Palafiori in Corso Garibaldi in San Remo.
All the information on the Granfondo San Remo-San Remo “la Classicissima” is available on the official website.
The excitement of the Milan-San Remo will continue on 5th June with the 46th edition of the Granfondo Milan-San Remo Cicloturistica www.milano-sanremo.org.