The Gran Fondo Milan-San Remo successfully concluded on June 10, 2014.

More than 900 people from four continents participated in the 44th edition of the amateur cycling event that was put on by Union Cicloturistica San Remo and Nyala Wonder Travel.

Fabrizio Fusini, the president of UC San Remo, said of the event: “Those who took part in the race had to deal with the heat and strain that comes with racing, however, once again, participants were able to demonstrate strength and tenacity. And when passion is stronger than fatigue, dreams can come true!”

He also said: “This year has seen some changes, including the departure time, which was at 7 a.m. and instead of everyone starting the race at the same time. Cyclists also went in groups of 200, spaced 10 minutes from each other. This allowed us to have less confusion on the roads concerned. We thank the volunteers who made ​​possible the success of the event, the authorities, the police and the mayors of the municipalities who have helped us. But the biggest thanks is for all cyclists who participated. Here’s looking forward to the race in in 2015!”

You can view photos of the event here:

You can view the official times of the participants here:

You can view video footage here:

About UC San Remo

The Union Cicloturistica San Remo was founded in 1970 by a passionate group of San Remo cyclists who decided to make the magic of the Spring Classic available to everyone who loves cycling. UC San Remo’s enthusiasm for cycling led to the Milan-San Remo Cyclosportive – Amateur Cycling Race, which was the first race of its kind organized in Italy. Today the UC San Remo is chaired by Simone Speciale, and the organization’s members take part in many amateur cycling events in Italy and abroad.

About Nyala Wonder Travel

Nyala Wonder Travel was founded in 2001 and is known for providing niche tours, developing programs and its expertise in cultural, wine, food and sports tourism, often managing the logistics and hospitality of the event participants.


For more information on the Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive, please visit:
Twitter: @milansanremopr

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